Breville BES870XL is one of the most impressive coffee maker in the semi-automatic class. Having a variety of outstanding features, modern look, as well as highly reliable, Breville BES870XL is the right choice for any espresso fans. This machine has very advanced programming options, which had defeated his competitors, to allow you to use a variety of adjustment to get a delicious espresso every day. Although it has many features, this machine is very easy to use even by novice baristas and those who are not understood exactly how to use an espresso maker.

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Breville BES870 XL Barista Express

Breville BES870 XL Barista Express

Having an espresso maker with a built-in grinder is the best way to make a cup of fresh and aromatic coffee. Breville barista express BES870XL will grind the coffee as much as you need to brew the perfect cup of espresso. In addition you can adjust the amount of coffee to be ground and adjust the results, from coarse to fine. By setting the water, right temperature and appropriate amount of coffee, you will become a barista in no time.

BES870XL Reviews

To ensure that this espresso machine is worth to buy, you can read some of the following consumer reviews:

Review 1:

“I bought Breville BES870XL six months ago because I want to have a quality conical burr grinder. Finally I decided to go shopping and decided to try to make espresso. Initially, I was worried I would need a long time to get the right mix, but after a few attempts, I have been getting a perfect blend of my favorite beans. If you want to experiment with espresso but do not want to make a major investment, BES870XL is your machine!”

Review 2:

“I fancy drinking coffee and Breville BES870XL is amazing espresso machines. My coffee tastes amazing, fresh, better, and of course this machine is very easy to use. No need to go to Starbuck; I can make it whenever I want.”

Review 3:

“Breville barista express BES870XL is a wonderful Machine. The color is satisfying to the eye and matching well with my kitchen decor. It is also very easy to use. At first, I used low price coffee beans which then changed it to the expensive fresh espresso whole beans since the taste for the cheap one is horrible. It turned out perfect for the grind, pressure, temperature, etc after changing it. So far I adore it. Getting the right ways, fresh beans have all the effect. I understand it is just my first day, yet I am so glad with my Barista express.”

Breville BES870XL does three things perfectly, grinding, brewing and frothing. Of course, fresh coffee beans are a must if you want a cup of delicious and flavorful espresso. This machine also has a steam wand to make latte art is very easy to do even for beginners. Breville BES870XL is an appropriate investment if you want to make delicious espresso at a cheap price.

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